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Our primary treatment approach at Crossroads Counseling Services is through outpatient programs including individual, group, and family counseling. We provide these counseling services to individuals who may need treatment for their own substance abuse issues, and to those individuals and families who are negatively affected by the problems associated with someone else's abuse, dependency, or addiction. We also provide treatment for other addictions and related issues such as eating disorders, compulsive gambling, anger control, and dual diagnoses.

When an individual makes the important decision to come to Crossroads Counseling Services, it is the agency's goal to provide the treatment most beneficial to that person's needs. Each person presenting for services will receive an initial evaluation to determine the type and extent of his/her problem as well as an individualized treatment plan that will outline the treatment process. The person may then be offered one or more of a variety of counseling services, whichever will most effectively help the person achieve his/her goals in treatment. You can find descriptions of our many treatment programs on this page. 

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of treatment that will be effective while also providing easy access. In this way, we can help people maintain their work, family, and/or school lifestyle as much as possible.



Individual outpatient counseling is one-on-one counseling for individuals that allows for individualization of the treatment process to address each client's specific needs in a more intimate outpatient setting. While some clients may be able to effectively achieve their goals with individual counseling alone, others may benefit from the addition of group counseling sessions.



Crossroads Counseling Services offers a variety of group counseling sessions to meet current needs of our clients. These groups include but are not limited to: anger management. risk reduction, and intensive outpatient.


We also have a basic educational group for clients who are in need to make changes to their alcohol and/or drug use. The group is designed to challenge participants to explore their beliefs and whether their beliefs are true. Didactic material covered includes the different types of drugs and how they affect the central nervous system. Each participant is challenged to assess their own level of use and what changes they have to make in their drug using behavior. The group is open to individuals at different stages of use, with the main emphasis on making healthy choices and changes in behaviors. The group consists of both didactic material and experiential exercises.

For a schedule of available group counseling sessions, click here.



We offer both men's and women's Residential Programs for our clients who require a more intensive approach to treatment of their chemical dependency.  Click here to learn more about our Men's Residential Program, New Outlook. To learn more about our Women's Residential Program, Awakenings, click here.



Crossroads Counseling Services offers Sober Living options for those in recovery. We currently have a house which provides a home for four women, as well as two individual apartments. Residents of the Sober Living program are expected to pay rent and living expenses and agree to live by an established set of rules. The goal of the Sober Living House/ Apartments is to provide a home at a reasonable cost to those who want to live together in sobriety, or need more structure before assuming fully independent living. The program will help clients gain independent living skills with the ultimate goal of eventual independence.


Crossroads Counseling Services, Inc. offers an Outpatient Withdrawal Management center in which clients can go through the detoxification process in a medically monitored environment and then immediately engage in treatment for their chemical dependency. The process begins with a comprehensive medical and substance abuse assessment. Clients then begin detoxification, lasting from 7-10 days. During detox, clients will receive medical assistance in the process. Daily check in is required in order to receive medications. Clients will also engage in individual and group counseling during this time to assist in the difficult process. After detox, clients will be offered Medication Assisted Treatment and enrollment in an Intensive Outpatient Program to maintain abstinence.



Numerous prevention programs are offered at Crossroads Counseling Services for the community. To learn more about the goal of our prevention department and specific programming, visit our Prevention page.



The 72-hour Driver Intervention Program is designed as an alternative to incarceration for first time OVI/DUI offenders. The program focuses on attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to drinking and driving as well as drinking itself, and seeks to increase motivation to change problem behaviors by educational presentations, group discussion, and individual interviews with a counselor. Referrals for additional assessment may be recommended if indicated by the results of a screening conducted at the program.



The primary goal of the Belmont County Common Pleas Drug Court is to provide non-violent offenders who are chemically dependent or who have a high-likelihood of becoming chemically dependent with the necessary tools and life skills to live drug and alcohol free lives. Utilizing the resources of Crossroads Counseling Services, the justice system, and other agencies, Drug Court strives to move offenders out of the revolving door of crime and drug abuse. There are five phases to the program, which lasts a minimum of 12 months. Through this sanctions and incentives program, offenders learn to lead productive, clean and sober lives.



As part of a collaborative effort with the Mental Health and Recovery Board serving Belmont, Harrison, and Monroe Counties and Southeast, Inc., we offer our counseling and case management services in the Belmont County Jail. This program is an effort to increase access to addiction and mental health resources, expand case management services for clients, and improve the coordination of care between our agencies and the criminal justice system.



The mission of the Harrison County Family Dependency Treatment Court is to provide collaborative evaluation and treatment services for substance dependent parents who have lost or are at risk of losing custody of their children due to abuse, neglect, or dependency. These intensive services will be provided with the expectation that the parents will eliminate substance abuse and will address mental health resulting in a more fully functioning parent, which facilitates case plan compliance and expedited permanency. Crossroads works with the justice system, child welfare agency, and other service providers to facilitate parental treatment and goal obtainment.



This is a six hour program for persons 18-20 years of age who have been arrested for an alcohol related offense other than DUI. It is an educational program, therefore an evaluation is required to ensure this class is appropriate for the person's level of chemical use.



Crossroads Counseling Services has a qualified SAP in the agency who can provide assessments, referrals, and follow-ups to individuals who violate rules of the Department of Transportation regarding substance abuse. These individuals must complete the SAP process before they can return to safety sensitive duty.



Crossroads Counseling Services recognizes that an emergency and the need for help can occur at any time, day or night. In the event of such an emergency after business hours and on weekends, telephone assistance is available by calling 888.202.3900.

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