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Prevention //

The Prevention Department is Crossroads Counseling Services' link to the community, offering a wide variety of prevention programs and activities.

Our prevention programs are primarily designed for at-risk populations, with a specific focus on at-risk youth enrolled in early diversion programming.The goal of prevention is to arrest or delay the onset of addictive and risky behaviors, such as substance abuse and gambling, by increasing knowledge of the existing problems and developing positive life skills.


In addition to the youth-targeted programming, we offer many programs to the community-at-large for the purpose of education, information dissemination and public awareness of the ongoing problems of addiction.Through collaboration with other agencies and organizations throughout the tri-county area, we are committed to increasing knowledge of the effects of addictive behaviors and other related problems through Town Hall meetings, Health Fair participation, media campaigns, and more.

Prevention News & Events

Check back later for upcoming Town Hall and community events! 


If you would like more information on our prevention programming or are interested in having our Prevention Department present at your location, please let us know!

Our Prevention Director can be reached by phone at 740.695.9447.

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