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New Outlook //

A program designed to meet the recovery needs of men

Crossroads Counseling Services, Inc. continues its committment to health. New Outlook, a halfway house for men, focuses on the treatment needs of chemically dependent and recovering men. New Outlook utilizes a holistic approach, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of addiction for the individual and his family.


New Outlook is located in the rolling hills of Belmont County, Ohio. It establishes a shared living environment for adult chemically dependent men. This abstinence based program focuses on assisting men in developing a lifestyle free from mood and mind altering chemicals. It provides clients with an approach to recovery in which they have the opportunity to influence change in their own lives.


Crossroads Counseling Services and New Outlook are accredited through The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS). They are supported by the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board serving Belmont, Harrison, and Monroe counties.


Crossroads Counseling Services recognizes a variety of economic backgrounds for prospective New Outlook clients. A fee scale has been designed to address individual needs. Self-payment, Medicaid, and most private health plans are accepted as payment.


No man will be denied services because of race, age, disability, religion, or ability to pay.


Awakenings accomplishes its goal of enhancing the chemically dependent man's desire to become drug-free by teaching skills needed to approach life in a new way. This family-style setting provides individualized treatment. Variable lengths of stay are considered in order to meet each client's specific needs. Skills development for a drug-free lifestyle is provided along with referrals to sober support meetings, recreation, parenting, case management, and educational and vocational involvement.

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