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We strive to make recovery as easy as possible for our clients and are committed to assisting in that process in every way. As a client of Crossroads Counseling Services, you will be assigned a Case Manager to provide you with auxiliary help such as insurance enrollment, assistance with vocational and educational needs, housing concerns, and more. Here you will find helpful information to prepare you for your visit to Crossroads and information on open assessments and group counseling sessions.


Our Community Resources page provides links and contact information for many resources available in our area to assist with some of the needs mentioned above.

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Frequently Asked Questions //

What should I expect during the assessment?

Every client has a unique history and treatment will need to be individualized to best cater your needs. As such, during your initial assessment, your counselor will get to know you better by asking you many questions. These will pertain to your current use of drugs and alcohol, your previous history of use, gambling history, and other relevant personal questions.

What do I need to bring with me to the appointment?

You will need to bring your ID, insurance card, and Social Security number with you to the appointment. You will also need to have an estimate of monthly household income, and a copy of your most recent pay stub if you are employed.

I don't have insurance-- can I still receive help from Crossroads?

Yes! When you make your appointment, make it known that you will need help applying for Medicaid and someone will assist you with that process before you begin the assessment. For those ineligible for Medicaid, we also offer a sliding fee scale for our clients.

I am unemployed, interested in a GED, or in need of housing-- can Crossroads help me access these resources?

Yes! Each location has case management services available to assist you in obtaining these resources, as well as any others you may need. Your Counselor or Case Manager will work with you on an individual basis to determine what your specific needs are. You can also find access to some of these resources here.

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